Liquidator, LLC specializes in the recycling and/or disposal of computer and electronic scrap. We complies with all federal, state and local recycling regulations. We pledges to make every effort to keep hazardous computer and electronic waste out of America’s landfills. We dispose of or recycle your equipment in compliance with all state and federal environmental regulations at your request. We offers complete computer recycling options for all “End of Life” electronic products.

Liquidator, LLC filters all E-scrap ensuring that your electronics are handled safely and securely. We degauss all hard drives with our high energy pulse degausser,we can assist you in meeting compliance standards for government mandates that require complete elimination of sensitive information stored on magnetic media prior to re-use or disposal.We care about the global environment and take environmental responsibilities seriously. We do provide hard drive shredding service.

Responsible Recycling

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has classified most electronic scrap as hazardous waste. This “e-waste” is a growing global problem; in the US alone, it is reported that over 30 million PCs are scrapped each year. Improper disposal of this waste would add dangerous amounts of heavy metals such as lead and mercury, and toxic chemicals such as polybrominated flame retardants to our country’s landfills.

Liquidator, LLC Business & Family Friendly maintains regular drop off hours at our facility. We will arrange pickup from your loading dock, we dispose of or recycle your equipment in compliance with all state and federal environmental regulations at your request.We understands the worldwide need for responsible recycling practices, not only are there environmental aspects that need to be evaluated to ensure all electronics are being recycled properly, but workers health and safety needs have to be considered.

Data removal & destruction services

Secure and Certified data removal with Data Destruction Certificate.

Data destruction certificates guarantee that your electronic data completely disposed off in a secure manner.

We provide services for Schools, Colleges, Hospitals, Businesses and Residential.

Communities Events for Suburbs and Villages.

Accepted Equipment:
  • Hard Drive. (Shredding and Degaussing)
  • Circuit Boards
  • Printers
  • Power Supplies
  • Copy Machines
  • PC
  • KeyBoards
  • Mice
  • Servers
  • LCD Monitors 
  • CPU’s
  • Li-Ion Batteries
  • Memory
  • Modem/Routers
  • Hard Drives
  • CD Rom Drives
  • Internal Power Supplies
  • AC Adapters
  • Computer Cables
  • Laptops
  • CRT Monitor (Charge)
  • TV (Charge may apply)




Address: 10915 Franklin Ave, Unit L Franklin Park, IL 60131

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Phone: +1- 312-966-2632

8:00 am to 4:30 pm (CST)

Pickup Scheduling 24/7